Genuine Meteorite Necklace- Piece of Galactic History- Over 4,000 Years Old

by CloseoutZone
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  • Wear your own piece of galactic history with this meteorite necklace!
  • Over 4,000 Years Old!
  • Each meteorite piece is unique.

Sterling Silver Meteorite Pendant Jewelry

by Jensan Scientifics
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  • Imperial Wrap "Ornamental Style" Meteorite, in Sterling Silver
  • Comes with 16" braided sterling silver chain.
  • Kennedy&Co Jewelry; Guaranteed Authentic: Jensan Scientifics, LLC

"Campo del Cielo" ("Field of the Sky") Meteorite Pendant Necklace Women's Men's Jewelry OWN A PIECE OF THE UNIVERSE!

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  • "Campo del Cielo" ("Field of the Sky") Meteorite Pendant Necklace Women's Men's Jewelry

The Jewelers Behind the Bling at the 2012 Oscars - The Fiscal Times

Just ask Jorge Adeler, an Argentina-born custom jeweler whose studio in Great Falls, Va., makes one-of-a-kind jewelry for the wives of movers and shakers in nearby Washington, D.C. Once Hollywood's A-list caught a glimpse of Adeler's artistry, he received so many requests to borrow his pieces that he was forced to open his own showroom in Beverly Hills, Calif., just to accommodate them.

"Hardly a week passes now without us being in one magazine or another: Redbook, InStyle, Martha Stewart, Brides magazine," says 65-year-old Adeler. "It is a great compliment."

It has also been a crash course in how these expensive pieces survive the perilous journey from jeweler's bench...

Asteroid / Iron Meteorite Jewelry

Jewelry Pedant Ni-Fe Meteorite /Iron -Ataxite NWA /

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  1. Falling Stars and Black Stone: Humanity's Worship of Meteorites
    Many cultures saw fallen meteorites as religious icons to be worshiped and as objects of protection, but jewelry and art has also been created from the space rocks. RedIceCreations writes, “Ancient Egyptians incorporated meteorites into symbolic
  2. SFGate Stylist David Reposar - fearless in the land of glam
    "Make everything beautiful." DETAILS Yaki (human) hair vest over digital geisha tunic, both designed with tailor Nancy Bui. Dead Ringer necklace; Kurt Geiger ankle boots. Inset: Tattoos; ring featuring a meteorite; chunky amber cuff from his travels in
  3. Platinum Guild International: Platinum Jewelry Sales On The Rise
    Lashbrook Designs, awarded in the Men's Platinum Jewelry category, incorporated Gibeon Meteorite segments and diamonds into their platinum men's band for a truly stunning upgrade to the classic plain band. Platinum is on trend in the world of fashion 
  4. Nature and the galaxy inspire jewelry designer Eugenie Niarchos
    The quote: “I like thinking of untraditional ways of doing jewelry, of using different stones,” said Niarchos. “The meteorite gives more of a story. I think it's quite fun to know you're buying a stone from space. When you buy a piece of jewelry, you
  5. Diamonds still sparkle in the Corridor
    to create custom pieces and perform repairs and restorations. One of them, Chad Bentley, said that while he is asked most frequently to create custom wedding bands, he has had some more unusual requests, such as creating a pendant out of a meteorite.

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  1. RT @NetjerVOF: Video on the bead from a burial ground in Egypt, which shows Egyptians used meteorites as materials for their jewelry:
  2. Video on the bead from a burial ground in Egypt, which shows Egyptians used meteorites as materials for their jewelry:
  3. FUSION by Lashbrook Designs. A #Meteorite & #Cobalt Ring #outofthisworld #weddingrings
  4. Ancient Egyptian meteorite jewelry find plus Chicago needs more art not less ...
  5. RT @NatGeo: 5,000-year-old iron bead made from meteorite:

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  1. Dinosaur Bone and Meteorite Pieces Mixed for the Perfect Wedding Rings
    Fashion designers came up with another interesting trend in wedding rings by combining dinosaur bones with meteorite pieces and gold to make some unique timeless love statements for future newlyweds. “A diamond is forever, but a dinosaur bone is ancient ...
  2. Meteorite + Dinosaur Bones + Titanium = Awesome Rings [Pics]
    Etsy seller Jewelry by Johan combines the bones of dinosaurs, some meteorite rock from the Gibeon meteorite and titanium to create a series of unique and awesome rings that let’s you carry a piece of space and history wherever you go!
  3. Awesome dinosaur bone and meteorite jewels will blow your mind (but hopefully not your pocket!)
    I discovered this guy's Etsy store today and he might just be making the most extravagant, original pieces of jewelry I have ever seen in my life, no joke! Who would pick diamonds when they can go with meteorites, right? Check out some of my favorites ...
silver gold rust iron steel brooch jewelry jewellery chain cz foundobject corrosion pendant feldspar meteorite moonstone cubiczirconia justifiedsinner
Pendant in silver, found, corroded steel, moonstone, 24ct gold and CZ. The "meteor" is removable to wear as a brooch.
Photo by the justified sinner on Flickr

chile space asteroid meteorites
The meteorite of Vaca Muerta fell in a zone of coastal influence of the Atacama Desert where the humidity goes in land in the form of dense fog. This allowed the growth of wonderful crystalline formations of apple...
Photo by [fluxa] on Flickr

Photo by capelu media on Flickr

Meteorite Jewelry: genuine Gibeon meteorite jewelry
Meteorite Jewelry: genuine Gibeon meteorite jewelry