Sterling Silver Meteorite Small Fancy Wrap

by Jensan Scientifics
Price: $55.00
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  • Meteorite Pendant Sterling Silver; Size: 1 5/8" L X 5/8" W X 1/2" D, Weight: 6-8 grams
  • Comes in a beautiful crystal box with certificate of authenticity and information.
  • Meteorite Jewelry Pendant - Small Fancy Style

Sterling Silver Meteorite Pendant Jewelry

by Jensan Scientifics
Price: $95.00
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  • Comes with 16" braided sterling silver chain.
  • Comes in a beautiful black velvet jewelry box with authenticity.
  • Imperial Wrap "Ornamental Style" Meteorite, in Sterling Silver

Genuine Meteorite Necklace- Piece of Galactic History- Over 4,000 Years Old

by CloseoutZone
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  • Gathered from Campo Del Cielo in Argentina.
  • Over 4,000 Years Old!
  • Each meteorite piece is unique.

The Jewelers Behind the Bling at the 2012 Oscars - The Fiscal Times

Just ask Jorge Adeler, an Argentina-born custom jeweler whose studio in Great Falls, Va., makes one-of-a-kind jewelry for the wives of movers and shakers in nearby Washington, D.C. Once Hollywood's A-list caught a glimpse of Adeler's artistry, he received so many requests to borrow his pieces that he was forced to open his own showroom in Beverly Hills, Calif., just to accommodate them.

"Hardly a week passes now without us being in one magazine or another: Redbook, InStyle, Martha Stewart, Brides magazine," says 65-year-old Adeler. "It is a great compliment."

It has also been a crash course in how these expensive pieces survive the perilous journey from jeweler's bench...

Asteroid / Iron Meteorite Jewelry

Jewelry Pedant Ni-Fe Meteorite /Iron -Ataxite NWA /

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  1. New York Times At David Yurman's Store, Science Lessons From a Jeweler
    “Here we have a signet ring that's actual dinosaur bone, believe it or not,” Mr. Myers-Yawnick said, leading me through the capacious back room, devoted to men's jewelry designed by the Yurmans' son, Evan. “And here's an entire collection in meteorite.
  2. From Quarks to Quasars Awesome Science Themed Gift Ideas
    Aerolite, sells a whole bunch of meteorites. Best of all, each one is accompanied by an ID card detailing its chemical makeup and where it was found. You can also get a small one on some jewelry (much cooler than diamonds, and you can avoid all the 
  3. ComicsAlliance The Batman '66 Episode Guide 1x03: Fine Feathered Finks
    from 1965′s Batman #169, a comic featuring the Penguin where the cover includes the truly amazing line “I'm off on a joy-ride to feather my crime-nest with this jeweled meteorite,” and if any of us are ever in a position to actually say that, I
  4. JCK David Yurman Opens Store in SoHo
    The 34-year-old jewelry brand opened a 2,000-square-foot store in the Cast Iron historic district of SoHo on Nov. 26. Situated Jewels for sale include the Wedding collection, Hampton Cable, Meteorite for men, as well as exclusives for that boutique
  5. Rapaport David Yurman Opens Soho Boutique
    The boutique will carry unique pieces that were created exclusively for this location as well as David Yurman's classic collections, including gold and sterling-silver designs for women and men; timepieces; high-end jewelry and the Wedding Collection

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  1. RT @NetjerVOF: Video on the bead from a burial ground in Egypt, which shows Egyptians used meteorites as materials for their jewelry:
  2. Video on the bead from a burial ground in Egypt, which shows Egyptians used meteorites as materials for their jewelry:
  3. FUSION by Lashbrook Designs. A #Meteorite & #Cobalt Ring #outofthisworld #weddingrings
  4. Ancient Egyptian meteorite jewelry find plus Chicago needs more art not less ...
  5. RT @NatGeo: 5,000-year-old iron bead made from meteorite:

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  1. ASU over the moon for donated space rock
    A piece of the moon has found a home at Arizona State University. The university announced Friday that its Center for Meteorite Studies has received a space rock. ASU officials say the softball-sized meteorite was given by Jay Piatek, a longtime donor to ...
  2. Reward of £2,500 for 'unusual' stolen engagement ring made from a meteorite and woolly mammoth tusk
    A distraught couple are offering a £2,500 reward to recover a stolen engagement ring made from a meteorite, a Siberian mammoth tusk and 30,000 year old wood. Emma and Oli Hyatt from Northfields were at a family funeral when their house in Radbourne Avenue ...
  3. August Birthday Babes: Do You Know the Crazy-Cool Place Your Birthstone Comes From?
    The soft color hides a steely beginning though: "They come from volcanoes and meteorites," jewelry designer Jennifer Alfano explained to me. "In Hawaii, the peridot represents Pele, the goddess of volcanoes and fire. Today most of them come from Arizona ...
silver gold rust iron steel brooch jewelry jewellery chain cz foundobject corrosion pendant feldspar meteorite moonstone cubiczirconia justifiedsinner
Pendant in silver, found, corroded steel, moonstone, 24ct gold and CZ. The "meteor" is removable to wear as a brooch.
Photo by the justified sinner on Flickr

chile space asteroid meteorites
The meteorite of Vaca Muerta fell in a zone of coastal influence of the Atacama Desert where the humidity goes in land in the form of dense fog. This allowed the growth of wonderful crystalline formations of apple...
Photo by [fluxa] on Flickr

Photo by capelu media on Flickr

Meteorite Jewelry Caged Pendant
Meteorite Jewelry Caged Pendant
Meteorite Jewelry Star Pendant
Meteorite Jewelry Star Pendant