Spoiler Alert: You're Going to Die at the End - New York Times

I mean, when you put your mind to it — which I do a lot lately because I watch quite a bit of what I call Paranoia Television — how many ways to expire can you come up with? Hit by a bus, flattened by a meteor, crushed by the neighbor’s pet python, maybe a dozen others. Surely there can’t be more than 1,000 ways to die.

Writing those words now, I can’t believe that a mere 30 minutes ago I was so naïve. That was before I watched “Curious & Unusual Deaths,” a series that has its premiere Friday on Discovery Fit & Health . What exactly is fit and healthy about dying isn’t clear to me, but what is clear is that I’ll be lucky to finish writing this review before I am struck...

Tulsa, Oklahoma - Strange Light Caught on TV News and Meteor Webcam - March 23, 2011 - NASA ASGARD

Channel 6 News Video: www.newson6.com fireballs.ndc.nasa.gov google search terms: inurl:allsky inurl:all-sky elpasoallsky.blogspot.com skysentinel.nmsu.edu to name a few SONG: The Neptune Project - Aztec (Marlow Remix)

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  1. How Asteroid Strikes Preserved Signs of Ancient Life
    When an asteroid plows into the Earth, it destroys pretty much everything in its path. But new research has shown that glass created during a searing asteroid impact can actually trap microscopic signs of life for millions of years, providing
  2. Wired The Quest to Brew Beer With Space Yeast
    Not to be left out of the space-beer race, Dogfish Head Brewery in Delaware—which is known for its adventuresome ingredients—managed to get their hands on some lunar meteorites to grind up and add to a brew they called Celest-jewel-ale. The beer was 
  3. Wired One of the 6 Biggest Ecological Disasters in the last 4.5 Billion Years is ...
    When a 10 km-wide meteorite slammed into the Earth roughly 65 million years ago, megatsunamis sloshed across the oceans and a front of superheated particles swept across the surface, outward from the impact site located in modern-day Mexico.
  4. Bizarre Organic Quasicrystal Accidentally Created in Lab
    In 2012, Princeton University physicist Paul Steinhardt showed that quasicrystals found in eastern Russia had fallen to Earth in a meteorite. Kandel's group discovered the organic quasicrystal accidentally. Instead of trying to make the thing, they
  5. Space Rock Smacks Moon, Creating Biggest Lunar Explosion Ever Seen
    In May 2013, scientists recorded what was then the biggest explosion that had been seen on the moon when a 40-kilogram boulder slammed into the lunar surface at about 90,000 kph. Now, telescopes have recorded the impact from a meteorite weighing 10 

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  1. Film Review: 'Sin City: A Dame to Kill For" dives back into a noir abyss
    After being clonked over the head in 1944's "Murder, My Sweet," Raymond Chandler's immortal private eye Philip Marlowe wryly narrated the experience of being knocked out: "A black pool opened up at my feet. I jumped in." In "Sin City: A Dame to Kill For ...
  2. Twitter suspends accounts sharing images of journalist's alleged execution
    Twitter CEO Dick Costolo announced on Wednesday that the company is suspending the accounts of users who post graphic images related to the alleged beheading of James Foley, the American photojournalist kidnapped in Syria nearly two years ago. "We have ...
  3. Body of 13-Year-Old Boy Pulled From River Thames
    Thames Valley Police searching for a missing 13-year-old boy believed to have got into difficulties in the River Thames at Marlow say they have recovered a body. Next of kin have been informed. "Thames Valley Police officers are currently in Marlow ...
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marlow meteorite super duper nova zine tyumen from the trans siberian ...